Advantages of Providing Employee Health Care Benefits

Many small business employers in Texas continue to grapple with the decision to provide health insurance for their employees as a result of the Affordable Care Act.

While small businesses with fewer than 50 employees are not required to provide health insurance coverage, many see it as an important tool to recruit and retain top talent.

As work and family life absorb the bulk of an employee's attention and finances, having medical costs defrayed by an employer benefit package can be both a comfort and an asset.

According to an article by U. S. News Money, the following are some key reasons why job-sponsored health coverage is so crucial for employees and how providing that coverage can benefit any employer:


1. It reduces absenteeism. A healthy employee is more present and productive. And the more physically sound workers are, the less likely they will be to miss work days. If an employee prevents illnesses and maintains a healthy weight, and they feel good about themselves, they’re obviously not going to miss as much work," says Katrina Firlik, co-founder and chief medical officer for HealthPrize Technologies in Norwalk, Conn.

“Keeping people on the job is good for the employee but also good for the business," Firlik says. "What's nice is that everybody's interests are aligned ... the business wants happy, healthy employees and the employees want to be happy and healthy as well. So economically, it's great."

2. It saves money.  A good health plan, says Marcia Miller Telthorster, vice president of human resources at Princeton HealthCare System, but also promotes healthy living—regular exercise, good nutrition, and preventive medical care. "Ultimately, the goal is to keep each person healthier, which reduces costs in the long run and also improves his or her quality of life," she says.

3. It heightens job satisfaction. Employees glean job satisfaction from saving more of their own money and not having to pay out-of-pocket for their own healthcare and other services, but they also take solace in that fact that their employer cares about them, adds Firlik.

4. It boosts employee engagement. Whatever an employer can do to improve morale—and health benefits are definitely part of that—makes employees feel more positive about their work and their employer, says Firlik. This leads employees to be more engaged in other work-related activities. "If an employee has a better attitude, they’re more likely to be engaged," she says.

5. It helps employers retain their best employees. Sought-after employees have the upper hand when it comes to negotiating job perks and benefits. "If an employee is in a lucky position to be deciding between two potential jobs, it's exactly things like benefits that can make the difference," says Firlik. "Employees who feel wanted are sometimes more inclined to excel at work."

6. It's convenient. Allocating hours to scouring the Web for affordable healthcare packages can absorb mounds of time. Receiving health insurance through an employer can alleviate this burden, allowing workers to focus their attention and resources on other things like grocery shopping, car repairs, and tuition payments.

7. It sets a good example. Placing value on healthcare in the workplace can energize workers to place importance on it at home as well. This might especially prove true for busy adults who have limited free time due to job and family commitments."

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