Why Buy Hospital & Doctor Indemnity Insurance?

What is Indemnity Insurance?
Indemnity insurance also referred to as "fee-for-service" plans or "fixed-benefit insurance," allow you to choose the doctor, healthcare professional, hospital or service provider of your choice and allow the highest amount of flexibility and freedom in a health insurance plan.


How is it Different to a Major Medical Insurance Plan?                                                                                Let's take a quick look: 

With a traditional major medical health insurance plan, you pay first, and then your insurance company covers the rest. Usually, after you meet your deductible, reach a certain amount of out-of-pocket costs, or pay a copay.

Indemnity insurance flips how you are paid when compared to major medical insurance. The plan offers limited benefits and is meant to supplement a more traditional health insurance plan. You're paid a predetermined amount for certain health care expenses you have incurred, after which, you are on your own to pay for the rest.


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Why Should I buy a Fixed Indemnity Plan?
When unexpected medical bills happen, they can disrupt even the healthiest of home budgets.  A fixed indemnity plan helps's you by paying you cash for some of the most common medical costs you might face.


What are the Benefits of Fee-for-Service Plans?

  • You can use your benefit payment however you want.
  • You will be paid regardless of other insurance coverage.
  • No deductible to meet before you receive benefits.
  • There are no network restrictions. You choose the doctor or health facility you need.
  • You can apply year-round, not just during an enrollment period or because of special circumstances.


Will Indemnity Insurance Fill in the Gaps in my Traditional Health Insurance Plan? 
An indemnity plan is uniquely suited to help fill in those gaps even the best health insurance has. To find out more information call the Wilkerson Insurance Agency in Coppell, TX at (214) 501-9613