Dallas Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance in Coppell, Tx and surrounding cites:

Critical Illness Insurance policies cover three primary illnesses;

• Cancer

• Heart Attacks

• Strokes

Critical Illness Insurance Policies may also cover additional conditions such as;

• Heart Transplants

• Coronary Bypass Surgery

• Angioplasty

• Kidney (Renal) Failure

• Major Organ Transplant

• Paralysis

Critical Illness Insurance is designed to protect against the potential financial devastation that these

conditions cause millions of individuals and their families. Traditional health insurance policies may not

fully cover critical illnesses; this product was created to provide cash during a time when it is most


Since its inception in the late 1990s, over 600,000 Americans have purchased Critical Illness Insurance

either on an individual basis or through an employer offered plan. This specialized insurance provides a

lump-sum & tax free payment to the policyholder should they suffer from certain specific conditions.

With an average out-of- pocket cost of over $17,000, even families covered by health insurance can find

themselves medically bankrupt. Most health insurance policies are linked to employment, and too often

significant medical events can lead to a loss of coverage.

Patients who have had private coverage, but lost it during the illness process have experienced an

average out-of- pocket cost exceeding $20,000. Facing high deductibles, co-payments, and the cost of

prescriptions, survivors of critical illnesses are frequently damaged by medical expenses that are not

covered by existing health insurance policies.

More Americans are diagnosed with critical illnesses each year, and the vast majority of patients survive.

Purchasing a critical illness insurance policy from our Dallas agency will help you protect you and your family from medical bankruptcy.

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