Individual Coverage Vs Employer Health Insurance

The health insurance landscape can be difficult to navigate. Here are a few important factors to keep in mind when deciding between Individual, Group Health Insurance, and Supplemental Insurance.

What is Individual Medical Insurance Coverage?
Individual Health Insurance is a policy that you buy for your family or just yourself. Individual policies can also be known as personal health plans.  
What is Group Health Insurance?
Group Health also know as Employer-sponsored insurance, is a health policy selected and purchased by your employer and offered to employees and their children/dependents. These are also known as group plans.  Your company will typically share the cost of your premium with you.
What is Supplemental Insurance?
Supplemental Insurance also known as Voluntary Employee benefits, are offered by your employer through the workplace, where employees can decide to buy them in addition to the core employee benefits they may already get as part of their benefits package.
Let's compare the advantages...

Individual Health Plan Options:

  • Pick the insurance company, the plan and the options that meet your individual health care needs.
  • Switch health insurance companies, and plans, during annual Open Enrollment. 
  • Switch jobs without losing your coverage, as your insurance isn't tied to your job. 
  • Pick a plan that includes the hospital's and doctors you trust.
  • You may be eligible to receive a subsidy from the government to help pay for your insurance.
Employer Health Plan:
  • Your company often divides the cost of premiums with you.
  • You have no hassle choosing the plan options as your employer does it all for you. 
  • Premium contributions from your employer are not subjected to federal taxes, and your contributions are made pre-tax, which reduces your taxable income.
Supplemental Insurance:
  • The range of options available gives employees a chance to choose the voluntary benefits that suit their personal circumstances and lifestyle, whether they’re 19 or 55. 
  • Many voluntary benefits are also movable, meaning that if an employee should need to switch jobs, they can keep the coverage as long as they pay the premiums, making a voluntary plan easy to administer and appealing.
  • As well as being less expensive if purchased through your the employer, voluntary employee benefits can usually be subtracted via payroll - meaning there’s no need to set up bank drafts or worry about missing premium payments. 

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