The hidden benefits of a Paleo Diet

I wanted to share this because not only am I personally considering it, hopefully, it will be of value to you or someone you know and love.

Paleo diets seem to be one of the most significant diet trends in history, and various books and studies have praised its benefits and impacts on our health. However, for most busy people the thought of delving into the pile of research is simply not worth the potential benefits of the diet. 

Thankfully, this article can do what all those studies couldn’t and simplify the paleo diet into a single sentence: If our primitive ancestors didn’t hunt and gather it, then it’s off the table.

That’s the entire basic idea behind Paleo, to eliminate processed foods from our diets. With the diet, you can eat most meats, nuts and seeds, vegetables and fruits, and eggs. 

Bread, salt, processed foods, and dairy are all off the table for foods you can eat.

However, one of the major differences between the Paleo diet and other diets and programs is that there is no calorie counting. Paleo simply focuses on what you eat, not how much of it you eat, and larger calorie amounts of healthy and beneficial food are actually better for you.

The History of The Paleo diet:

According to the website Nerdfitness, the number one cause of humans needing the Paleo diet in the first place is because of… Agriculture.


  • Humans were mostly hunters and gatherers, moving from place to place and following herds and seasonal crops. This made us athletic and muscular because we had to work for our food and our healthy bodies allowed us to resist disease. 
  • Then when farms came along and humans stopped moving and working as hard for their food, eating grains and eventually processed food instead of what they hunted and gathered.

However, our bodies didn’t change from the hunter-gatherer diet to a grain filled one overnight, so most of our bodies can’t handle the changes and then we become overweight, obese, and much less resistance to disease because the grains simply turn into fat in our bodies.

The paleo diet teaches our bodies to thrive on fewer calories and carbs, then when our bodies need energy they start to burn the fat away, making us lose weight.

Benefits of The Paleo Diet:

In addition to losing weight, the paleo diet has some other benefits: 

  • Red meat is strong in Iron, and the protein from the meat and nuts can help you feel full in between meals
  • The diet is ‘clean’ and full of anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • There is a program called the 85:15 program, which advocates for a balance between a paleo diet and healthy moderate portions of bread, dairy, and fat. This can be perfect for a beginner to get into the diet, as well as get the health benefits of both food groups.

While the Paleo diet does have some learning curves (See here to help with them) and it can be a hard first few days and weeks to get your body off of sugar and grains, the benefits are a healthier body and a longer life, and who doesn’t like that?


LeRoy Wilkerson, Health Insurance Expert 
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