How to Price Shop for Medication

shopping for low cost drugs

It’s not uncommon knowledge that the price of medication is rising, and when health insurers stop covering the price of medication, then that charge can be on you. Often, it’s a sudden slap in the face for most consumers, and can force some tight money spending and saving as you adjust to the new normal. It can include cutting back on groceries, taking on more jobs, and even rationing meds, which can be very dangerous.

The choice between medication and other basic living expenses shouldn’t be one people are forced to make, but it is. However, just because your health insurance doesn’t cover the plan doesn’t mean that you can limit the costs. There are several tricks out there that allow you to pay less, and you just need to find them.

How to Pay Less for Medication.

  • With the raising in drug prices coming from a variety of different factors, it makes sense that there is a variety of solutions to counter the problem. Several methods you can try include:
  • Asking direct questions to Pharmacist workers. Many of them cannot offer cheaper alternatives unless they are asked by the customer.
  • Ask your doctor if you need the drug, because sometimes, you can cut down with a doctor’s blessing. If you do need a certain medication, ask the doctor how much it will cost and see if they will offer cheaper alternatives.
  • Look for discounts and coupons on the internet. While it can take some time, it can give you a way to cut the cost in half.
  • Additionally, you can look for older versions of the same drug. Older doesn’t mean less powerful, and often they contain the same ingredients, but the newer versions have been tweaked by drug makers and can have their prices jacked up. But often, the older drugs work just as well and cost much less, so you can stick with them.
  • Or you can even pay for some medications without insurance, because of an item called a clawback. It happens when pharmacy benefit managers raise the prices for drugs. It’s essentially a hidden fee that most states have banned, but paying without insurance can still save you some cash. The transaction won’t count towards your deductible, but that’s a price some are willing to pay.

Go for it with Vigor

As you can probably see from most of the examples, going hard and asking the tougher questions of your doctors and pharmacists is one of the only ways to get a lower price. Whatever strategy you choose to apply is something you need to devote yourself too. Fight hard, and ask the right questions and then you’ll be able to get lower prices on your medications.

Think about what that would do for you and your bottom line. Paying reduced prices will only do good for you, and that’s worth fighting for. Pursue every avenue of savings, and you’ll be surprised at what comes up in the end.


LeRoy Wilkerson Broker/Agent